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Iranian winter wheat's (Triticum aestivum L.) interference with weeds: II. Growth analysis  [2006]

Baghestani, M.A. (Plant Pest and Disease Research Inst., Tehran (Iran). Dept. of Weed Research) Zand, E. (Plant Pest and Disease Research Inst., Tehran (Iran). Dept. of Weed Research) Soufizadeh, S. (Plant Pest and Disease Research Inst., Tehran (Iran). Dept. of Weed Research)

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A two year experiment was conducted during 2000 to 2002, at Plant Pest and Disease Research Institute, Karaj (35 degree 59' N 52 degree 60' E, 1160 masl), Iran to identify the morphological and physiological characteristics which contribute to more competitive ability of Iranian winter wheat genotypes against weeds. Six more and less competitive wheat genotypes were studied under competition with Goldbachia laevigata and Avena ludoviciana. Total tiller m-2, plant height, leaf area index (LAI), total dry matter (TDM), crop growth rate (CGR), and relative growth rate (RGR) in different genotypes were studied. Results indicated that 6618 as the most competitive genotype produced significantly higher number of tiller m-2 under weed infested condition compared with other genotypes in 2000-2001. In this year, the lowest number of tillers belonged to M-75-5, which was ranked as the least competitive genotype. 6618 was also ranked first among all genotypes for plant height, LAI at zadoks 52-64, and flag leaf area. In 2001- 2002, 6618 had the tallest plant height under weed infested condition, while the less competitive genotype M-75-5 possessed the shortest height. 6618 possessed greater LAI and TDM under both, the weed free and the weed infested conditions compared with M-75-5. CGR and RGR of 6618 were much larger than that of M-75-5, which agrees with greater LAI of this genotype compared with M-75-5. Totally, growth analysis showed that taller plant height, gre
ater LAI, CGR, and TDM are among the traits that confer competitiveness in wheat.

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Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research (Pakistan)

ISSN : 1815-1094