Haematological and immunological effects of yogurt and garlic supplementations on broiler chicks vaccinated against newcastle disease  [2016]

Ishaq, M. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (Pakistan). Dept. of Pathology) Aslam, A. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (Pakistan). Dept. of Pathology) Rehman, H.U. (University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore (Pakistan). Dept. of Pathology) Akhtar, A. (Gomal Univ., Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan). Gomal Coll. of Veterinary Sciences)

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One hundred twenty-six day old broiler chicks were divided into three experimental groups A, B and C, each having 42 chicks per group. Group B was subdivided into 3 groups; y1, y2 and y3 each having 14 chicks per group and fed 50, 100 and 200 gm yogurt/kg of feed respectively. Similarly group C was subdivided into three groups; g1, g2 and g3 offered grinded garlic @ 10, 20 and 40gm garlic/kg of feed respectively. Group A was kept as a control and fed basal diet having no supplementation. Group y3 showed immense potential in increasing HI titer until last day of experiment but garlic showed no effect upon HI titer. The heterophils population and Heterophils/Lymphocyte (H/L) ratio was also improved in both yogurt and garlic supplemented groups, however g3 garlic fed group showed a better response in increasing heterophil population over the range of garlic fed groups. TLC remained normal in both yogurt and garlic fed groups throughout the experiment. It was concluded that both yogurt and garlic supplementations have beneficial effects to improve immunity.

Other subjects

  • granulocytes
  • garlic
  • monocytes
  • lymphocytes
  • immunity
  • supplementary feeding
  • newcastle disease
  • yoghurt
  • leukocytes
  • antibodies
  • chicks
  • broiler chickens
  • vaccination

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Pakistan Journal of Science (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0030-9877