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Evaluation of chickpea germplasm for resistance against wilt disease (Fusarium oxysporum)  [1993]

Iqbal, M.J. Iftikhar, K. Ilyas, M.B. (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (Pakistan). Dept. of Plant Pathology)

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Fifty one chickpea germplasm lines were screened for resistance against Fusarium oxysporum. Green house study revealed that sixteen lines viz CMN-1-6-86, ILC-1256, 391-9-85, 970, CMN-1-94-88, CMN-1-3-86, 14136, CMN-7-85, CM-88, 14127, CMN-68- 88, CMN-121-85, CMN-530-8-85, 364, CMN-884-13-85, and CMN-1098-13-7/85 exhibited highly resistant reaction, eight lines viz. A-115, NEC-1256, CMN-37-88, CMN- 1-9-86, CMN-1224-15-85, CMN-166-85, C-44 and CMN-115-88 exhibited resistant reaction, three lines (CMN-370-10-85, 1145 and CM-870) were moderately resistant, six lines (CMN-1-22-89, 607, F-87-501C, 913, CM-72 and 962) were susceptible, while remaining 18 lines exhibited highly susceptible reaction. In field screening, none of the test lines was found to be highly resistant or resistant. Only six lines (CMN-166-85, CMN-37-88, CMN-1-6-86, CMN-884-13-85, CM-870 and CMN-1098-13-7/85) showed moderate resistance, while the other were susceptible to highly susceptible.

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Journal of Agricultural Research (Pakistan)

ISSN : 0368-1157