Studies on using of silages in rabbit feeding  [1986]

Piatek, B. Niedzwiadek, S. Cieciak, F. (Instytut Zootechniki, Krakow (Poland))

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Grass silage, legumine silage, rye silage, maize silage, maize and beet leaves silage or steamed potato silage was fed to rabbits from weaning till slaughter at 90 days of life. Feeding silages resulted in a decrease of grain feeds intake without negative influence on carcass con1697tent and meat quality in rab

Other subjects

  • carne de conejo
  • legumineuse fourragere
  • secale cereale
  • composition de la carcasse
  • gain de poids
  • cal
  • pomme de terre
  • ganancia de peso
  • gramineas forrajeras
  • ration
  • papa
  • zea mays
  • viande de lapin
  • racion
  • leguminosas forrajeras
  • ialapin
  • qua
  • ensilage (produit)/ jeune animal
  • graminee fourragere
  • tsconejo (oryctolagus)
  • ensilaje/ animales jovenes
  • composicion de la canal

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Polish Journal of Animal Science and Technology

ISSN : 0137-1657