Elicitation of defence responses in bean leaves by Botrytis cinerea polygalacturonase  [1991]

Urbanek, H. Kuzniak-Gebarowska, E. Herka, K. (Polish Academy of Sciences, Lodz (Poland). Centre of Microbiology and Virology, Dept. of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry)

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Botrytis cinerea young culture filtrate and both ethanol precipitate and following it polygalacturonase were found to be good elicitors of peroxidase, beta-1,3-glucanase and chitinase in bean leaves. These elicitors superimposed individually on the primary leaves caused an increase in activity of examined enzymes both in the leaves treated directly and in those which developed after an inoculation with B. cinerea. Polygalacturonase and crude mixture of filtrate components elicitated these enzymes similarly. Polygalacturonase caused an increase of activity in 3 more firmly bound to column of five peroxidase fractions separated on ConA-Sepharose. Chromatography on DEAE-Sepharose showed that polygalacturonase induced anionic peroxidase selectivity

Other subjects

  • botrytis cinerea
  • experimentation en laboratoire
  • quitinasa
  • feuille
  • actividad enzimatica
  • resistance aux maladies
  • poligalacturonasa
  • resistencia a la enfermedad
  • experimentos en laboratorio
  • peroxidasas
  • maladie fongique
  • chitinase
  • enfermedades fungosas
  • polygalacturonase
  • hojas
  • phaseolus vulgaris
  • activite enzymatique
  • peroxydase

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Acta Physiologiae Plantarum (Poland)

ISSN : 0137-5881