Noxiousness of onion beetle (Lilioceris merdigera L.) to onion (Allium cepa L.)  [1992]

Luczak, I. (Agricultural University, Krakow (Poland). Dept. of Plant Protection)

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The effect of various numbers of adult insects and larvae of Lilioceris merdigera, feeding in insulators, on the yield of three cultivars of onion grown seed and from sets, was investigated in 2-year experiment. It was found that greater adverse effects were brought about by adults than by the same number of larvae. The greatest damage to leaves (50 percent on onions grown from sets and even 70 percent on seedlings) was found in the case of the feeding of four adult insects or two adult forms and 2 larvae

Other subjects

  • plante legumiere
  • insectos depredadores de las hojas
  • densite de population
  • variete
  • hortalizas (plantas)
  • experimentos en contenedor
  • umbral economico
  • larve
  • experimentation en pot
  • variedades
  • coleoptera
  • allium cepa
  • insecte phyllophage
  • seuil economique
  • perte de recolte
  • larvas
  • perdidas de la cosecha
  • densidad de la poblacion

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Folia Horticulturae (Poland)

ISSN : 0867-1761


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" Noxiousness of onion beetle (Lilioceris merdigera L.) to onion (Allium cepa L.) "