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Recent experiences on the culture of rabbitfish Siganus rivulatus in Cyprus  [2000]

Stephanou, D. Georgiou, G. (Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Nicosia (Cyprus). Dept. of Fisheries)

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Siganus rivulatus, a candidate for the diversification of aquaculture in Cyprus, is a highly appreciated euryhaline species. It is a vegetarian fish being fed, that easily accepts pelleted dry diets. The off season spawning, from March to June (one a month), was achieved by using environmental manipulation. The natural spawning period of this species is summer time, June to September, once a month, around full moon. Larval rearing was undertaken using several techniques. The main problem encountered was at the early feeding of the larvae as mouth was very small. Various sizes of enriched rotifers in combination with several species of phytoplankton, or separately, were tried for larval feeding. An application of the mesocosm technology has given slightly better results. Larval growth was very fast. On day 18 dry food was given and on day 32 the weaned fry had an average length of 2.5 cm

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Cahiers Options Méditerranéennes (CIHEAM)

ISSN : 1022-1379