Written Paper

Assessing the Effectiveness of Pyramided Genes in Conferring Broad Resistance to Bean Anthracnose  [2012]

Kiryowa, M. Nkalubo, S.T. Mukankusi, C.M. Talwana, H. et al.

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Colletotrichum lindemuthianum is one of the most important constraints to common bean production in Uganda. The fungus is highly variable that single gene resistance alone is not adequate to offer effective and durable resistance among varieties. Earlier varieties known to be resistant have now succumbed to the disease. Therefore there is need for pyramiding of resistance genes as a strategy to circumvent the problem of pathogen variability. Hence, the aim of this study is to develop bean genotypes with broad resistance to bean anthracnose through a marker assisted gene pyramiding programme. The specific objectives of the study were to: a) identify diversity and physiological races of C. lindemuthianum in Uganda