More and more useful vegetable - kohlrabi  [2007]

Miskovic, A.(Poljoprivredni fakultet, Novi Sad (Serbia))

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In this paper there was presented all important characteristics of kohlrabi. First, it was described how kohlabi get name and similarity with names in other nations. History of kohlabi is dated from 1554. Chemical composition of kohlrabi was presented with energetic value of stem. Kohlrabi belongs to fam. Brassicaceae. It is described morphological and biological characteristics of kohlrabi. Kohlrabi can be produced in open field and in greenhouse for early spring production. For production in greenhouse most of producers use seedlings of kohlrabi. After transplanting we need 30-40 days to harvesting. Yields varied from 1-7 kg/square meter. Most of kohlrabi stems need to be peeled, but young stems we do not need to peeled. Specific taste, smell, flavour and richness of chemical composition, will keep kohlrabi on important position for nutrition of people and children.

Other subjects

  • exigence des plantes
  • necesidades de las plantas
  • valeur energetique
  • valor energetico
  • valeur nutritive
  • kohlrabi
  • cultivation
  • colirrabano
  • cultivo
  • nutritive value
  • usos
  • chou rave
  • brassica oleracea gongylodes
  • energy value
  • plant requirements
  • pratique culturale
  • uses
  • serbia
  • valor nutritivo
  • utilisation
  • serbie

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Savremeni povrtar (Serbia)

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