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FCR and growth rate of common carp Cyprinus carpio Linnaeus 1758 at different water temperatures  [2010]

Ivanc, Aleksandar (Faculty of Biofarming, Bačka Topola (Serbia)) Dekić, Radoslav (Faculty of Natural Sciences and mathematics, Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)) Bošković, Jelena (Faculty of Biofarming, Bačka Topola (Serbia)) Konyves, Tibor (Faculty of Biofarming, Bačka Topola (Serbia)) et al.

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Growth characteristics and production efficiency of common carp fed high protein pelleted feed (42%) with 15.5 MJ/kg digestible energy and reared at three ambient temperatures (16°C, 24°C and 28°C) were studied under laboratory conditions during 33 days. Feed was manufactured by a well-known producer. It came out that fish ate less feed that recommended by the producer. Mass gain was highest at 24°C while FCR had highest values at 28°C (2.12) and lowest at 16°C (1.27). PER was most efficient at 16°C (1.86) and the least at 28°C (1.125). DGR was significantly higher at 24°C (0.011). SGR were also higher at 24°C (1.136 and 0.150 respectively). It was concluded that the formulation and/or ingredients of investigated feed was not appropriate for carp rearing.

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XIV International Eco-Conference: Safe Food - Proceedings