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Effect of coloration and size of grain on quality performance of common millet  [2013]

Котляр, А.И. Сидоренко, В.С. Бобков, С.В. ВАРЛАХОВА, Л.Н.

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Coloration and size of grain of common millet make essential impact on quality indicators. The least filminess have white grain leptodermal forms, then - thin-filmed , then - red - and also cream grain (distinctions between them practically are absent). The greatest filminess have brown grain forms. There is tendency to its increase at increase of mass of 1000 grains. Brightness of millet, in our opinion, essentially depends on presence/absence of pigments of coloration in flower membranulas and their ability to protect kernel from sunlight. Efficacy of colorations in decreasing order: brown, red, yellow. At white grain forms - the least bright millet. Also brightness of millet decreases at increase of size of grain that will quite be agreed with opinion of authors, investigating this problem before. On degree of affection of grain by melanosis, besides weather conditions, essentially influence both thickness of membranulas and size of grain

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Legumes and Groat Crops