Influence of receiver GLONASS/GPS placements on the unit for site-specific fertilizing on crop yield losses  [2014]

Lichman, G.I. Marchenko, A.N. Belykh, S.A., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Mechanization, Moscow (Russian Federation)

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Studies have been conducted to determine the effect of placements of GLONASS/GPS receiver on fertilization accuracy on which crop yields depends. The reasons worsening quality of fertilizers application are established. There are untimely tripping metering working body mismatch siting receiver GLONASS/GPS signals and metering working body and the duration of transport of fertilizer granules from the metering device to the occupiers working body. The authors have development the algorithm for calculating yield losses depending on the location of the receiver GLONASS/GPS signals on the unit for the differentiated application of fertilizer. When developing algorithm data on variability of the nutrients in the soil, it was used function of responsiveness of winter wheat on increasing doses of nitric fertilizers. Ammonium nitrate with nitrogen content of 34.4% was used as fertilizer. The carried-out calculations at various times of delay allowed to establish that to increase in time of delay there is a decrease in a crop yield from all field. By tests of the combined machine AKPU-6,0 which is aggregating with tractor MTZ-1221 (length is 12 m, working speed is 2,2 m/s) it is established that at the delay equal 3 seconds, the crop

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  • systeme de positionnement global
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  • distributeur d'engrais
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