Modernization of combine harvesters with application of unconventional working bodies  [2014]

Kuz'min, M.V., Russian State Agrarian Correspondence Univ., Moscow Region (Russian Federation)

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Availability of non-conventional working elements for combined grain harvester modernization has been determined. So, as the cutting device, and also in the form of the thrashing and separating device (TSD) the shaftless spiral-helix (SSH) working elements were applied. The shaftless thrashing and separating cutting device (STSCD) has some advantages as compared to screw one: its design is simplified, the requirement to centering of pins ferrule holders less rigid, and the frequency of rotation and working speed is more, stop up ability is less, transport capacity is better. It is established that the STSCD can be designed according to various schemes. For finger cutting devices the following characteristics are defined: diameter of a knife – to 120 mm, rotation frequency – 800-2400 rpm, a pitch of knife wings – 130 mm, working speed – to 20 km/h. In combine harvesters of the classical scheme instead of walker-type straw rack the shaftless spiral-screwedstraw separator, and in rotor combines – shaftless spiral-screwed TSD can be applied. They move only rotary therefore they are well adapted for regulation and automation. For the TSD it is established: diameter of a shaftless spiral-screwed drum – 600-1200 mm; pitch – 5.65 mm; rotation frequency – to 91-95 rpm. Use of the above schemes of working elements of combine harvesters considerably increases their productivity and automation possibility.

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