Improvement of the cultivator-plant-feeder for work on stony soils  [2014]

Kudzaev, A.B. Korobejnik, I.A., Gorsky State Agrarian Univ., Vladikavkaz (Russian Federation)

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Cultivation of tilled crops on stony soils of mountain and foot-hill zones of the North Caucasus is connected with great difficulties, first of all, due to maladjustment of agricultural machines to such operation conditions. The working elements parameters for growth of inter-row cultivators reliability for work on stony soils with simultaneous decrease in power consumption of soil cultivating and pass-around of stones are worked out. Realized in the computer program the calculation methodology for determination of main characteristics of elastic tines and suspension mount of various form is offered. Several variants of technological scheme of cultivator-plant-feeder modernization were worked out. Elastic e-form compound suspensions and suspensions of closed type to reduce tractive resistance and to avoid stones by lateral working elements (LWE) of cultivator section also are elaborated. Suspensions of closed type only are worked out for the central working element (CWE). At that, every suspension of closed type is equipped with specially designed for this purpose restraining spring. Stiffness of tines of closed type for LWE is 18.7 N/mm, for CWE it is 25.6 N/mm. Stiffness of elastic e-form compound suspensions for LWE is 14.6 N/mm. Field tests of modernized section of cultivator were carried out at potato and maize cultivation on stony soils of mountain and foot-hill zones of the North Caucasus. The tests have shown, that the worked out elastic suspension
s of an inter-row cultivator maintain decrease in traction resistance: for the application knifes – for 10.2%; universal V-shaped hoes – for 4.1%; the single-side thinning blades – for 15%. Quality of soil cultivation by such working elements is better in comparison to traditionally applied designs. The cultivator maintains reliability and high-quality performance of soil cultivating technological process execution.

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  • sol caillouteux
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  • suelo pedregoso
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  • federation de russie
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