Optimisation of paramenters of the press wheel of the combined sowing unit  [2014]

Kurdyumov, V.I. Proshkin, E.N. Sharonov, I.A. Proshkin, V.E. et al.

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Development of agricultural tools and their working elements of soil-cultivating machines is an actual task for enforcement of agrotechnical requirements at tilled crops sowing with low operational expenses. The ridge sowing method of the rowcrop is offered. It consists in multiple operations for one pass of the unit: preseeding cultivationsowing of seeds, introduction of mineral fertilizers and forming of the compacted soil ridge over the sowed seeds. For realization of the ridge method of rowcrop sowing the combined seeder is worked out. Field researches of process of soil ridge forming by a ridge-forming wheel were carried out. For the generalized assessment of influence of independent factors on process of soil ridge forming the optimization parameter is chosen. It is conformity factor to a standard which characterizes degree of conformity of the actual sizes of a ridge and soil density to agrotechnical requirements. The analysis of mathematical models of of soil ridge forming approved that the maximum value of coefficient of conformity to a standard (0.91) is taken out if the speed of movement of the unit is equal 5.1 km/h, angle of spherical disks – 13 deg, compressed spring force of a forming wheel – 630 N, press ring displacement – 8 cm. Field test approved compliances of quality of a ridge to agrotechnical requirements. At ridge sowing maize seedlings appeared 1-2 days maize control, and plants developed better. As a result a herbage productivity
was 17.2% too much, maintenance costs of cultivation of maize decreased on 39%. Thus, the ridge technology of tilled crops cultivation with application of the offered mechanization means renders possible to lower operational expenses, and also to increase crop yield.

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