3rd International Conference on Science and Technology  [2013]

Zhansugurov I., V. Mazur, D. Kovylkino. Kemal A.., R. Kemalov., Adil T. Kolomyts O., Alexander Y., K. Apsalikov, Dergunov D. Abduvahabova M., L. Ermakova ., Palgova Z. Nyyazbekova K., cautious V., E. Suleimenov, Utelbaeva A. Utelbaev B. Zhukov Yu, A. Shub, A. Magomedov

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The collection includes The Recent Trends in Science and Technology Management Held by SCIEURO in London 17-­18 June 2013. Scientific reports: Physics, Psychology, Psychology, Medicine and farmokolohyya, Geology, Engineering Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Economics and others.

Other subjects

  • cleaning
  • wastewater
  • modeling
  • national education
  • contents of education
  • costs.
  • students’ development
  • optical filter
  • coefficient of normal stiffness
  • comprehensive school
  • management
  • elastic
  • phenol
  • National and complex component
  • polyurethane
  • graphicanalytical calculation: active teaching met
  • gratings with alternating strips
  • elastic properties

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Type : Conference

In AGRIS since : 2014

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Publisher : SCIEURO

ISBN : 9781908616364

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" 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology "