Technologies of laser synthesis of powder materials for creation, restoration and repair of complex parts  [2014]

Izmajlov, A.Yu. Sidorov, S.A. Khoroshenkov, V.K., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Mechanization of Agriculture, Moscow (Russian Federation) Tereshchenko, A.V. et al.

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Researches are oriented onto receiving materials for production the heavy-duty working elements in soil-cultivating machines and units. Applied were perspective methods of restoration of component parts and metal powders covering: space laser surface coating, and also the LENS technology – Laser Engineered Net Shaping. Metal powders of various classes and appointments are applied as an initial forming material. They carried out protective finish coating means of a space laser surface coating experiments for what powders of the R6M5, 1560 brands of Hoganas production and PR-H30SRNDYu of JSC Polema production were chosen. The chemical powders composition was investigated by the method of the X-ray spectrum express analysis. Results of researches showed that the received from powder of brands 1560 and PR-H30SRNDYu samples, showing very high hardness, were brittle to what cracks on samples testify. The sample from powder of the R6M5 brand has stable value of hardness in all measurement points, and absence carbide and boride stabilizing elements in a chemical composition minimized risk of cracking. Thus, it was proved that for a laser surface coating it is expedient to use powder with the lowered contents carbide and boride stabilizing elements such as R6M5. It gives to a surface high hardness at low cracking probability. The laser surface coating on the LENS technology improves properties of coverings and, consequently, increases most the heavy-duty of local s
ites of various details of agricultural machinery life. Besides, the laser surface coating can be used successfully at rescue and recovery operations of worn-out details sites thanks to high mechanical properties of coverings and deformation lack.

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