Seeds separation on a gravity table separator  [2014]

Babchenko, V.D., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Mechanization of Agriculture, Moscow (Russian Federation)

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The gravity table separators (GTS) are used for seeds cleaning in agricultural production. It was determined influence of friction coefficient of a GTS screen deck working surface at processed material movement on it and speed of the air stream fluidizing a material, on seeds cleaning quality. A mathematical model of layer-by-layer movement of a grain material on GTS screen deck was applied in researches. It was observed the terms: screen deck supporting surface is located at an angle to the horizon; speed up of the flat surface is also directed at an angle; the mass of a material is indiscrete and graded by the planes parallel to the deck flat surface, on infinite number of the elementary layers equal on weight, terms of the area unit of working surface; the coefficient of resistance to relative shift of two contiguous layers is constant. It was shown that for effective work of GTS coefficient of friction of the bottom layer on a deck surface should be above coefficient of internal friction of a processed material. Layer expansion of a processed material and intensity of "floating-up" of light particles in a wheat seeds layer are investigated for determination of rational speed of an air stream. It was established, that at increase in speed of an air stream from 0.7 to 1.0 m/s the layer extends up to the certain size. It was defined, that at further increase in speed of an air stream to 1.6 m/s layer expansion process is stabilized, the layer is in the qu
iet vibro-air-fluidized state. The coefficient of layer expansion makes 1.25. The maximum intensity of material segregation is reached. At increase in speed of an air stream higher than 1.6 m/s in a layer are formed "fountains", its stability is broken.

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  • nettoyage de grains et semences
  • equipo de limpieza
  • materiel de nettoyage
  • velocity
  • russian federation
  • seed cleaning
  • federation de russie
  • flujo de aire
  • limpieza de granos y semillas
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  • separation
  • flux d'air
  • cleaning equipment
  • separacion
  • federacion de rusia
  • velocidad
  • vitesse
  • air flow

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