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Эфтихия – новейший винный ароматный сорт винограда с розовой ягодой  [2014]

Zamanidi P. C. Troshin L. P. Radchevskiy P. P.

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The newest wine grape variety Eftihiya with aromatic pink colored skin (in Greek the name means “happi-ness”) was breed with hybridization at the Athens In-stitute of Viticulture by P. Zamanidi, L. Troshin and P. Radchevskiy in 2005 by crossing the Greek varieties and Malaguzya with Eurasian Traminer pink. Dura-tion of production period from bud burst to harvest 146-155 days. Yields are very high: 25-30 t / ha. Modal mass of clusters is 250 g. Bunch is conical, me-dium density. Berry is medium, short elliptical, pink colored, with a thick wax coating. Pulp and juice with the expressed varietal flavor, similar to the aroma of Traminer pink. Sugar content of more than 24%. Vari-ety is designed for production for the dry white wines of excellent class and high-quality sparkling, dessert and sweet wines; suitable for the production of high quality aromatic juices

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665