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Турусов В.И. Гармашов В.М. Шевченко В.А. Дудченко С.Е. et al. Научно-исследовательский институт сельского хозяйства Центрально-Черноземной полосы имени В.В. Докучаева [Corporate Author]

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The studies were conducted in order to develop less energy-intensive agricultural technologies based on minimizing tillage. The resultsof studies present the effect of tillage on chernozem fertility and crop productivity in intensive agriculture. Economically justified level126minimizing tillage in agro-technologies resource is defined as soil and climatic characteristics of the region and the biologicalcharacteristics of crop rotation, and the level of scientific and technical support farms. The most effectively minimize the use of tillage -decrease in the depth of treatment with 20-22 cm to 10,8 cm, and the use of direct seeding in the cultivation of barley in farms with highculture of farming in the agro-ecological conditions of the Voronezh region. Legumes with taproot system react negatively on theminimization of tillage. Chickpeas reduces productivity while minimizing tillage even when applying intensive technologies on 6,4-14,5%.The highest yield of chickpea obtained by applying plowing to a depth of 20-22 cm is 23,5 centers per hectare.At the present stage of development of agriculture in agro-ecological conditions of the Voronezh region, an average level of materialand technical equipment of the farms in a grain row crop rotation with a wide range of crops most suitable combination mid-water treatmentsystems, based on a combination of dump, including subsurface and surface treatments using mainly plowing 20 -22 cm below the tilled andlegumes, as t
he most demanding physical conditions of soil fertility culture.

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