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Chausov V. M. Kuban State Agrarian University [Corporate Author]

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The article presents results of the six-year study of the effect of stocks Riparia × Rupestris 101-14 and Berlandieri × Riparia Kober 5BB on yield, quality of grapes and Aligote wine in the central zone of the Krasnodar region. Effect of stock on scion strongly depends on the annual weather conditions. In a given year, there is a stock better adapted to the weather conditions. Stocks of Riparia × Rupestris 101-14 increase winter hardiness, and the stock Berlandieri × Riparia Kober 5BB - drought-resistant varieties of Aligote. On average, during six years the stock has not been resulted in significant differences between the percentages of developed into shoots buds and fertile shoots shown in the coefficients of fruiting and fruitbearing shoots of Aligote. Among all the influencing factors, the degree of influence of stocks on the percentage of buds have evolved to 16,4 %, by the percentage of productive shoots 19,8 %, a factor of the fruiting shoots and fruitfulness of 3,9 % and 2,7 %, respectively. Some differences in forming of generative organs of wintering buds along the fruiting twig under the influence of stocks do not lead to the significant difference in biological terms of fruiting varieties in the whole piece. On average, six years of significant differences in the influence of rootstocks on the number of berries in bunches, hundred berries weight, an average weight of bunches and yield is not defined - the degree of influence of stocks on menti
oned indicators is 0,1-9,7 %. A significant impact of stocks on the dynamics of sugar accumulation in berries has not been discovered. The degree of influence of stocks onto the final sugar content and acidity of berries is 2.9 and 1.0%, respectively. The wine produced from Aligote berries on a stock Riparia × Rupestris 101-14 has the better tasting score than on the stock Berlandieri × Riparia Kober 5BB (7.9 and 7.8 points, respect vely). The main influence on fruiting of the variety Aligote was provided by the conditions of the current and previous vegetation. Within the conditions of the central zone of the Krasnodar region the cultivating of the variety of Aligote is reasonable for both studied stocks

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665