Study of dynamic viscosity of barley malt and chicory concentrates  [2016]

Magomedov, G.O., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation) Kochetov, V.K., Kuban State Agrarian Univ., Krasnodar (Russian Federation) Smirnykh, A.A. Saranov, I.A., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation)

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Optimisation of conditions for dispersing and subsequent dehydration of liquid food environments in the nozzle spray drying chamber through the study of dynamic changes in viscosity depending on temperature, velocity gradients and dry residue content. The objects of study were roasted chicory and malt barley concentrates with dry residue content of 20%, 40%, 60% and 80%. Research of dynamic viscosity was carried out at the measuring complex based on the rotational viscometer Rheotest II, analog-to-digital converter, Laurent module and a personal computer with a unique software that allows real time recording of the changes in the viscosity characteristics of concentrates in the form of graphic files. Registration of changes of dynamic viscosity was carried out during changes in the velocity gradient rate from 1.0 1/s to 27.0 1/s and the temperature of products thermostating being 35, 55, 75 deg C. The results are presented in the form of graphic dependences of effective viscosity on velocity gradient rate and flow curves (dependencies of tangent pressures on the velocity gradient). They defined flow regimes, the optimal modes of dispersion concentrates in spray dryer chambers were found when obtaining the powdered semi-finished products and instanting: dry residue content was 40%, concentrate temperature – 75 deg C, velocity gradient in the air channel of the nozzle - at least 20 1/c.

Other subjects

  • malta (producto)
  • liquid formulations
  • viscosity
  • secado por pulverizacion
  • viscosite
  • russian federation
  • spray drying
  • sechage par pulverisation
  • federation de russie
  • federacion de rusia
  • viscosidad
  • malt

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