The mathematical model of the homogenization process of high-fat dairy products based on Markov's chain  [2016]

Khvostov, A.A. Bityukov, V.K., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation) Khvostova, M.A. Polishchuk, K.V., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation)

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A method of synthesizing the mathematical model of the process of dairy products homogenization is presented. The basis of the mathematical model is Markov's chain with discrete states and continuous parameter which the homogenisation pressure was taken for. To describe the processes of adhesion of fat globules during homogenisation process when there is a large percentage of fat and homogenization pressures it is proposed to use the reverse transitions along with the direct ones. Implementation of the model was performed in MathWorks Simulink structural modeling environment. Identification of the model parameters was carried out by minimizing of the standard deviation of the calculated data from the experimental ones for each fraction of the fat phase of dairy products. The results of processing of microphotos of the fat globules distribution of whole milk samples were used as the set of experimental data. This milk was subjected to homogenization at different pressures. The method of optimization was Pattern Search method with the Latin Hypercube search algorithm from the Global Optimization Toolbox library. According to the experiment data the accuracy of calculations was on average in all fractions 3% (of relative share of the fraction in the sample volume). The addition of the reverse transition intensities allowed to reduce the accuracy of calculations by 2-3%. The proposed mathematical model allows to calculate the profile of the volume or mass dist
ribution of the fat phase (fat globules) in the product, depending on the homogenization pressure, and can be used in the laboratory or scientific research of dairy products composition, as well as in the calculation, design and modelling of dairy industry technological equipment.

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