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The technology of layer-specific rotary soil cultivation for forest crops and equipment for its implementation  [2017]

Orlovskij, S.N., Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian Univ. (Russian Federation) Kukhar, I.V., Siberian State Univ. of Science and Technology, Krasnoyarsk (Russian Federation)

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Influence of existing methods and technologies of soil processing for forest crops on establishment and growth of cultivated tree species was studied. It was found that furrow plough tillage in some cases damages the ecology Tillage of shallow humus thickness soil with multiple soil cutters results in mixing of A0, A1 and A2 (ashen-gray) layers and nutrient depletion of the tilled layer as compared to humus horizon on non-tilled plots. An apparatus for graded soil tillage, its construction, working principle and usage technology are described. The major peculiarity of the device consists in the ability not to cut the soil, but to shake down a grassed layer cut by a subsurface plow from beneath. The technology involves removing roots and grass outside the cultivated strip, so that it cannot be then overgrown with weeds. It is found that exploitation of the device improves soil pulverization quality, enhances percentage of fractions of less than 10 mm and 10–50 mm in size, decreases content of the fractions of larger than 50 mm in size, and reduces specific energy capacity of tillage almost thrice. Vertical displacement of control particles during tillage with common cutter machines and the suggested device was studied. Establishment and growth of Siberian pine was determined in experimental productive cultures in burnt areas for different planting technologies. Soil layers are not mixed during tillage, as when cutting soil. Rich soil layer is not withdrawn,
so that germination ability of target seeds increases, and growth of seedlings enhances. Application of the device increases the quality of forest regeneration and reduces labor input.

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Siberian Journal of Forest Science

ISSN : 2311-1410