Change in the enzymatic activity of gluten-free malt during germination and drying  [2017]

Chusova, A.E. Agafonov, G.V., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation) Zelen'kova, A.N. Pozhalova, Yu.V., Voronezh State Univ. of Engineering Technologies (Russian Federation)

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Increasing the range of gluten-free products is one of the most important conditions for improving the people living standard that suffer from celiac disease. The influence of the duration of germination and drying on the amylolytic, saccharifying, proteolytic activity of buckwheat and oat malt was studied with the aim of improving the technology of creating a gluten-free product. In buckwheat malt, the maximum value of amylolytic ability (AA) is 21.2 units/g, which is 6.0% higher than that of rye grain. In the case of oat malt, AA was 18.79 units/g, which is 6.0% lower than in traditional crops. The maximum accumulation of saccharifying capacity (SC) in all malts occurs on the third day of germination and reaches the following values: in rye malt - 5.1 units/g, in buckwheat one - 2.9 units/g, in oatmeal one - 3.3 units/g. Compared with the traditional crops SC of buckwheat is lower by 43.1%, oats by 35.3%. The maximum values of proteolytic activity (PA) of malts were reached on the third day of germination: in rye one - 23.2 units/g, in buckwheat one - 26 units/g, in oats one - 16 units/year. In comparison with the rye grain, buckwheat PA is higher by 12.0%, oats are lower by 31.0%. It was found that the enzymatic activity of malt obtained from gluten-free raw materials is lower than in rye malt, therefore it is not possible to replace traditional raw materials with gluten-free ones completely without additional application of enzyme preparation.

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