Intercropping: A participatory ipm-model for small scale vegetable farmers in Southern Blue Nile Region, Sudan  [2008]

Binyason, S.A., Agricultural Research Corporation, Kenana Research Station, Kenana (Sudan)

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This study was conducted in 1995/96 as an on-farm experiment with direct paJ1icipation of some selected farmers at three locations in Abu Naama, southern Blue Nile region. The primary objective was to investigate the benefits of intercropping as a simple and low-cost IPM component in reducing pest densities on vegetable crops. The results showed that the population density of a key pest on a host-plant in a monoculture was higher than when it was in a polyculture. Intercropping tomato/eggplant and tomato/cowpea favoured higher population densities of whitefly on tomato. Intercropping tomato/onion reduced whitefly population density on onion. Intercropping cowpea tomato or cowpea/onion increased the population density of Bemisia tabaci on cowpea. Intercropping cowpea/eggplant reduced the whitefly population density on eggplant. Similarly, intercropping eggplant/tomato or eggplant/onion increased jassid numbers on eggplant. Intercropping eggplant/cowpea reduced jassid density on eggplant. Intercropping onion/tomato and onion/eggplant also, did increase thrips population density on onion, while intercropping onion/cowpea decreased thrips density on onion. The opposite was also true for the onion yield. Results of crop yield followed a similar trend, i.e., lower pest population densities reflected higher crop yields, while higher population densities gave lower crop yields

Other subjects

  • pests of plants
  • plante legumiere
  • plagas de plantas
  • lycopersicon esculentum
  • sudan
  • sistemas de cultivo
  • cultivo intercalado
  • integrated pest management
  • soudan
  • cropping systems
  • culture intercalaire
  • ravageur des plantes
  • vigna unguiculata
  • gestion de lucha integrada
  • hortalizas (plantas)
  • berenjena
  • aleyrodidae
  • systeme de culture
  • intercropping
  • vegetable crops
  • gestion integree des ravageurs
  • aubergines
  • insecta
  • aubergine

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University of Khartoum Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Sudan)

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