Endangered and rare species of dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata) in the Slovak Republic.  [1993]

David S. Tekovske Muzeum, Levice (Slovak Republic) [Corporate Author]

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The list of dragonflies has been recorded in Slovakia. The number represents 48.9 percent of the European total of dragonfly species (141). Of particular significance are findings of certain species interesting from the faunistic and the zoogeographic point of view (rare and endangered dragonflies in Slovakia such as Sympecma paedisca, Coenagrion scitulum, Aeschna subarctica etc). Missing species in Slovakia are: Coenagrion lunulatum, C.mercuriale, Nehalenia speciosa etc. New species in Slovakia are expected: Lestes macrostigma, Hemianax ephippiger etc. The first draft of the List of endangered and rare species of dragonflies (Red list) presents a set of 47 species (i.e. about 68 percent). In the category: A.1-3 (extinct, exterminated, missing) are 9 species; in B.1 (critically endangered) are 8; B.2 (strongly endangered) 7; in B.3 (endangered) are 6; in B.4 (rare species with attention needed) are 13; in C.1 (migrants, species in need of special attention) 3; in C.2 (lost wandering species) 1.

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