Abundance of cereal aphids on winter wheat in different agricultural systems  [1997]

Praslicka, J. Bokorova, M. Al Dobai, S. Slovenska Polnohospodarska Univ., Nitra (Slovakia) [Corporate Author]

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In all cases, a higher abundance of cereal aphids was recorded in the integrated agricultural system in comparison with the ecological agricultural system, and in variants with fertilizing in comparison with variants without fertilizing. The highest number of aphids per one winter wheat tiller (30.4) was recorded in 1994 at the milk ripeness growth stage in the integrated agricultural system with fertilizing, and in the ecological system with fertilizing (21.1). The lowest number of aphids (5.9) was ascertained in 1995 at the earing stage in the ecological agricultural system without fertilizing. The infestation of winter wheat ears by cereal aphids was not as significant as the infestation of winter tillers. Of particular aphid species, grass aphid was the most common; however, oat aphid was the most common species infesting ears

Other subjects

  • triticum aestivum
  • metopolophium dirhodum
  • systeme de culture
  • sistemas de cultivo
  • rhopalosiphum padi
  • sitobion avenae
  • cropping systems

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Acta Fytotechnica (Slovakia)