Using of linear description of warmblood horses in Czech Republic  [1997]

Marsalek, M. Zednikova, J. (Jihoceska Univerzita, Ceske Budejovice (Czech Republic). Zemedelska Fakulta)

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The Linear description and classification of body conformation has been practised in the Czech Republic since 1996. This one is used inall population of horses of breeds ranked among breeds of Association of Horse Breeders Unions of Czech Republic in 1997. 123 Czech Warmblood mares were evaluated at registration to Breeding Book in 1996. 15 traits of body conformation were described and 5 comprehensive characteristics were evaluated. 35.8% ofmares were entered into Principal Breeding Book and 44.7% were entered into Breeding Book. Loose loin and defective position of legs are the most frequent defects of body conformation in described mares

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