[Invasions and invasive organisms]  [1997]

Elias, P.

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Contents: Biotic invasions as a global problem. Invasions of animals in Slovakia and Central Europe. Invasive and expansive species of molluscs in Slovakia. A gastropode Potamopyrgus antipodarum (Gray, 1843) from New Zealand in the Slovak part of the Danube river area. Recent area dynamics of the Striped Field Mouse (Apodemus agrarius PALL) in Slovakia - expansion or invasion. Occurrence and spread of invasive species of helminths in Slovakia. Arboreta and living plant collections as local naturalization centres of phanerophyta in Budapest. Some interesting findings of subspontaneous plants in Slovakia. Invading species of original and synanthropic biotopes in Hungary. Invading plant species in Slovakia. Notes on selected invasive, rarely-occuring species of vascular plants in Slovakia. Aster novi-belgii agg. in the flood-plain forest in the inundation area of Morava and Danube rivers. Occurrence of some introduced species of plants in south-central Slovakia. Invasive species of plants in PNR Kysuce. Invasions and invasive species in PRN Stiavnicke Vrchy. Iva xanthiifolia NUTT., a neophyte plant species, started spreading in Slovakia after 1960. Hyssopus officinalis L. - pretoergasiofygophyte of Slovakian flora. Introduction and subspontaneous invasion of alien woody plants into flood-plain forests near Danube river in Slovakia. Invasive versus naturalized woody plants in urbanized environment. Threatened species in relation to invasions and expansions in
Slovakian flora. The occurrence of not-very well known fungal diseases on vine grapes. Management of biological invasions and invasive species of plants

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  • plantas nocivas
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  • biodiversidad
  • animal nuisible
  • biodiversite
  • animales nocivos
  • noxious animals
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  • migracion animal
  • noxious plants
  • plante nuisible
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  • infestacion

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" [Invasions and invasive organisms] "

" Invazie a invazne organizmy "