Effect of thermal treatment and storage on antioxidant activity of some spices  [2007]

Horváthová, J.,Food Research Institute, Bratislava (Slovak Republic) Suhaj, M.,Food Research Institute, Bratislava (Slovak Republic) Šimko, P.,Food Research Institute, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

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Effect of heat treatment and storage on antioxidant activity of black pepper, allspice and oregano was studied by determination of antiradical activity, reducing power, thiobarbituric acid number and content of total phenolic substances. Thermal treatment at 130 deg C for 5 minutes caused significant decrease of all antioxidant activity parameters with the exception of increased content of phenolic substances in black pepper. Found differences in antioxidant activity between thermally treated and untreated samples were essentially retained during the storage of all spices. Spices storage of half a year caused significant decrease of antioxidant activity; the decrease was more pronounced in the case of thermally treated spices. Found relative degradation of the majority antioxidant attributes of spices are characteristic for food systems with short heat treatment with initial reduction in the overall antioxidant activity due to the thermal degradation of naturally occurring antioxidants and formation of early products of the Maillard reaction by reducing components.

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  • pepper
  • pimienta
  • antioxidants
  • oregano
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  • republica eslovaca
  • pimienta inglesa
  • piment de la jamaique
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  • tratamiento termico
  • antioxydant
  • traitement thermique
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Journal of Food and Nutrition Research (Slovak Republic)

ISSN : 1336-8672