[Comparison of measurement methods and calculation of compass traverse in forestry mapping]  [2008]

Tomaštík, J., Technical University in Zvolen (Slovak Republic). Faculty of Forestry

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In some cases in forestry mapping, there is no need to use classical geodetic instruments (theodolite, total station etc.) with their advantages (high accuracy) and disadvantages (expensive, difficult to handle). This is very important for one-owner area measurements, where the desired accuracy is not so high. System Field-Map appears to be suitable solution for this kind of measurements. A series of measurements were made, inclusive of 45 points. Determined positions (computed using various methods) were compared with exact values and mean coordinate errors were computed. Achieved results remitted the fact, that hardware components of Field-Map appear to be suitable for lower-accuracy measurements. In forestry mapping it can be us ed for under-canopy mapping and navigation, or in some urgent cases, where satisfactory and immediate results cannot be achieved trough photogrammetry.

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