Carabidae (Coleoptera) structure on variously managed agricultural land of Podpoľanie area, Slovakia

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Vician, V., Technical University in Zvolen (Slovak Republic). Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Stašiov, S.
Kočík, K.
Hazuchová, L.

The paper evaluates the structure of Coleoptera, Carabidae on variously managed agricultural land in Očová PD of Podpoľanie area during the growing seasons of 2005-2006. Through both growing seasons all together 67 species with 54 376 individuals were gathered. Eudominantly were represented species Poecilus cupreus (Linnaeus, 1758), Pterostychus melanarius (Illiger, 1798), and Pseudoophonus rufipes (De Geer, 1774). The occurrence of Carabidae beetles is directly connected with quite a number of complex relations and it is influenced not only by the agricultural plants structure but also by the quantity of anthropogenic inputs. Species spectrum of Carabidae beetles was very similar on all observed plots. It cannot be exactly defined to what extent the structure of observed beetles was influenced by various forms of land management (conventional schemes and agroschemes). Though, it can be stated that carabid beetles find better conditions for living on neutral soil with a good humus supply as well as with a good content of basic macro- and microelements.

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