Agro-ecological assesments for national planning: The example of Kenya  [1993]

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome (Italy) [Corporate Author]

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The ecological potential of land and water resources for food production and agricultural development and the policies for their management were the focal point of the FAO/UNFPA/IIASA study'Land Resources for population of the future'. The result of this regional agro-ecology zones(AEZ)study for developing co8ntries in Africa, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia and Central and South America were presented at the FAO Conference in 1983.The conference recommended that the method, with a refinement of the resource data base, should be extended to detailed country planning of agriculture development.Kenya was selected for a case study to amplify and develop the methodology,

Other subjects

  • resource management
  • ecologie
  • agroecosysteme
  • plant production
  • ecologia
  • production
  • ecosistema
  • gestion des ressources
  • kenya
  • production animale
  • ecology
  • produccion vegetal
  • production alimentaire
  • produccion animal
  • agroecosystems
  • produccion
  • production vegetale
  • ecosysteme
  • national planning
  • food production
  • Kenya
  • agroecosistemas
  • ordenacion de recursos
  • produccion alimentaria
  • ecosystems
  • planificacion nacional
  • planification nationale
  • animal production
  • kenia

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