Agro-Ecological Land Resources Assessment for Agricultural Development Planning;A case study of Kenya;Resources data base and land productivity  [1991]

Kassam, H., A.; Velthuizen, G., W.; Fischer, G.,W.; Shah, M., M. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome (Italy) [Corporate Author] International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis [Corporate Author]

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Other subjects

  • soil resources
  • terre
  • tierras
  • cambio climatico
  • climatic change
  • ressource fonciere
  • production factors
  • ressource en sol
  • recursos del suelo
  • kenya
  • changement climatique
  • clima
  • factores de produccion
  • climat
  • recursos de la tierra
  • planificacion agricola
  • land policies
  • land
  • facteur de production
  • developpement agricole
  • politique fonciere
  • climate
  • land resources
  • planification agricole
  • agricultural planning
  • desarrollo agricola
  • agricultural development
  • politica agraria
  • kenia

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