Project for the water control and management of the Shabelle river of Somalia, Volume 1 - General Report  [1969]

Hunting Technical Services Ltd [Corporate Author] Sir M MacDonald and Partners Limited [Corporate Author]

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Early in 1966 the Government of the Somali Republic requested United Nations Special Fund assistance in making feasibility studies of a controlled irrigation scheme and a flood irrigation scheme in the Shebelli Valley and in developing a plan for management of the Shebelli River waters. This request resulted from the recommendation of the 1961 -66 Special Fund Project - Somalia, Agricultural and Water Surveys - that such feasibility studies be undertaken. In response to the Government's request the United Nations Development Programme (1) authorised in June 1966 a project entitled andrdquoWater Control and Management of the Shebelli River, Somaliaandrdquo. The project was assigned to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations as the Executing Agency. The Plan of Operation was signed in September 1967 and this Agency contracted with Hunting Technical Services Ltd. of U. K. to carry out the work for the project. The results of the project investigations are presented in volumes I, II and III of this report. This is Volume I - General Reportthe others being Volume II - Balad Flood Irrigation, ProjectFeasibility Report and Volume III - Afgoi-Mordille Controlled Irrigation Project, Feasibility Report.

Other subjects

  • exportation
  • riego
  • water rights
  • plante de culture
  • clima
  • Shabelle
  • water resources
  • feasibility studies
  • irrigation
  • betail
  • water requirements
  • ganado
  • red de drenaje
  • livestock
  • gouvernement
  • balanza de pagos
  • reseau d'irrigation
  • drainage systems
  • inondation
  • produccion
  • reglementation des eaux
  • tractors
  • imports
  • derecho de aguas
  • almacenamiento de agua
  • exportaciones
  • flooding
  • engineering
  • recursos hidricos
  • besoin en main d'oeuvre
  • tractores
  • secteur agricole
  • ressource en eau
  • conception
  • diseno
  • labour requirements
  • necesidades de agua
  • gobierno
  • barrage
  • economic situation
  • production
  • exports
  • inundacion
  • Juba
  • stockage d'eau
  • crops
  • dams
  • water reservoirs
  • estimated costs
  • tracteur
  • reseau de drainage
  • reservoir d'eau
  • water storage
  • government
  • climat
  • balance of payments
  • situacion economica
  • estudios de factibilidad
  • design
  • besoin en eau
  • importation
  • sistemas de riego
  • irrigation systems
  • ingenieria
  • demanda de trabajo
  • represas
  • ingenierie
  • agricultural sector
  • situation economique
  • cultivos
  • climate
  • cout estime
  • Hiran
  • balance des paiements
  • costo estimado
  • sector agrario
  • etude de faisabilite
  • importaciones
  • embalses

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Project for water control and management of the Shabelle River of Somalia