Climate, hydrology, and water resources of Arsi and Bale zones  [1997]

Lule, A.,Arsi Bale Rural Development Project Arsi Bale Rural Development Project [Corporate Author] United Nations Office for Project Services [Corporate Author]

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This report was prepared to serve as a reference for managers, planners and engineers of the Ethio-Italian Cooperation, Arsi Bale Rural Development Project who seek general information on the climate hydrology and water resources of the Arsi and Bale zones

Other subjects

  • hydrology
  • Bale
  • hydrologie
  • climate
  • recursos hidricos
  • physiographie
  • hidrologia
  • ethiopie
  • etiopia
  • clima
  • Arsi Bale
  • water resources
  • climat
  • ethiopia
  • ressource en eau
  • Arsi
  • physiography
  • fisiografia