Kismayo Hydrogeological study  [1997]

Parkes, A.J.,GIBB East Africa Ltd. GIBB East Africa Ltd. [Corporate Author]

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Background UNICEF Somalia proposes to rehabilitate the existing reticulated urban water supply system in Kismayo City, Southern Somalia. The original city water source, the Juba River 32 km north of the city, is unsuitable to Kismayo's current needs due to running costs and the security situation to the north. UNICEF Somalia therefore intends to develop an alternative water source to the west of the city. This water supply will comprise water welts tapping the lower aquifer identified by previous drilling at Laheley approximately 18 km west of the city.br The scope of the current study is to:br 1. identify the extent and hydrogeology of the lower Laheley aquifer br2. recommend four or five borehole sites that would best tap this aquiferbr 3. identify the expected water quality and yield of the aquifer br4. carry out a topographical elevation survey from the recommended borehole sites to the existing Kismayo water reservoirBR 5. prepare a map of the study area indicating the extent of the aquifer the recommended borehole sites and the topographical survey resultsbr 6. submit a report including results, recommendations and maps 4 and 5 are not included in the present report.

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