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Groundwater Salinity Study October - November 1987  [1987]

Nijland H. J.,Ijsselmeerpolders Development Authority, Lelystad (The Netherlands) Heuperman A. F.,Institute of Irrigation and Salinity Research, Tatura (Australia) John Bingle Pty. Limited [Corporate Author] Sir M MacDonald and Partners Limited [Corporate Author]

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When agricultural operations in the Mogambo Irrigation Project (MIP) area started in 1985, the management team for the agricultural development of the area expressed its concern about the high salinity levels and low hydraulic conductivity of the subsoils. They suggested that this could seriously affect the growing of rice and other crops in the area. The same concerns were expressed by Sir M. MacDonald and Partners Limited (MMP) in their Supplementary Feasibility Study Report. This Program were set up to investigate br-the effects of crop rotations, particularly rice double cropping, water table depth and salinity br-the nature and permeability of subsoils in both the Mogambo project and the nearby Fanoole rice project br- the influence of irrigation on root zone salinity

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