Written Paper

Land Tenure and Policy Issues in Land Use Planning  [1998]

Kirk M. (Editor) Loffer U. (Editor) Petermann Thomas (Editor) Food and Agriculture Development Centre [Corporate Author]

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Land is the basis of human society because it provides food, water, energy, clothing and shelter. Land resources, however, are finite and becoming scarce in Africa and elsewhere. Problems of inappropriate land uses, population growth, over-exploitation of natural assets and environmental degradation are complex and long-term. They are exacerbated by their linkage with poverty, inequality and social conflicts because many people have inadequate access to land or to the benefits from its use. It is commonly agreed that tenure of land - and land policy in a broader context - is a fundamental variable in agrarian and rural development. Land tenure insecurity, associated with local political conflicts and gender inequality, for example can be a key factor in land degradation (The World Bank, Agenda 21,FAO).