Breeding and nursing of Soldier-river barb Cyclocheilichthys enoplos Bleeker  [1994]

Wisanuporn Ratanatrivong Manas Chantasut Suphab Kaewla-iat (Pitsanulok Freshwater Fisheries Development Center (Thailand))

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Breeding on soldier-river barb Cyclocheilichthys enoplos Bleeker by hormone injections using pituitaries and Buserelin acetate with Domperidone. The brooders is spawned by using 2 dose of pituitaries hormone after inject 6-8 hours. And using 15-20 micrograms of Suprefact mixed with 10 milligrams of Motillium the brooders spawned by artificial insemination after injects 8-10 hours. The hatch out period was 15-17 hours at the water temperature of 28 celcius. The newly hatched larvae measured 3.3 mm total length. Experiment on nursing of Cyclocheilichthys enoplos was held form 1 to 25 days old larvar to compare the following formula feeds, T1 (Chlorella sp.+Moina sp.), T2 (boiled-eggs yolk+Moina sp.), T3 (Chlorella sp.+ boiled-eggs yolk+Moina sp.), T4 (Chlorella sp.+ Rotifera+Moina sp.), T5 (boiled eggs yolk+Rotifera+Moina sp.). The survival rates and growth rate were significantly differences.

Other subjects

  • hormones
  • croissance
  • poisson (animal)
  • fishes
  • hormone
  • supervivencia
  • feeds
  • aire de nurserie
  • hormonas
  • oviposicion
  • piensos
  • ponte
  • survie
  • crecimiento
  • nursery grounds
  • peces
  • survival
  • eclosion
  • oviposition
  • hatching
  • aquaculture
  • zonas de alevinaje
  • growth
  • acuicultura
  • aliment pour animaux

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" Kan pho lae anuban pla takok "

" Breeding and nursing of Soldier-river barb Cyclocheilichthys enoplos Bleeker "