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Biochemical changes of some promising lines of yard long bean due to the infection of yellow mosaic virus  [1998]

Sultana, N. Kasem, M.A. Hossain, M.D. Alam, M.S. (Bangladesh Agricultural Research Inst., Joydebpur-Gazipur (Bangladesh). Div. of Plant Pathology)

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Experiment was conducted to study the amount of different biochemical constituents in healthy and yellow mosaic virus infected leaves of six yard long bean promising lines (LYB 3, LYB 0033, LYB 0034, LYB 4, LYB 0023-1 and LYB 5.) The healthy plants of all the lines contained higher amount of total, reducing and non-reducing sugars, total chlorophyll, chlorophyll a and b than the infected plants. The carotenoid, proline, prolamin and phenolics contents were higher in the infected plants than in the healthy ones. The changes in the amount of these constituents were maximum in LYB 0032-1 and LYB 5 compared to the other lines. These two lines were least affected by virus infection.

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Thai Journal of Agricultural Science (Thailand)