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Development of standard recipes of Thai food used in traditional functions  [2001]

Marin Salee Pongsak Shongpranam(Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Pathum Thani (Thailand). Faculty of Home Economics)

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Thai food cook boods contain inconsistent and different kinds and amounts of ingredients. Many adaptations have been made from the original recipes. Those who use the cook books cannot make the dishes as intended. Using standard units for ingredients of Thai food is made in order to enable the cooks to follow the recipes. The instruments used and findings were as follows: 1. Questionaire about Thai food recipes asking 16 Thai food instructors and Thai food cooks working in restaurants. The results were summarized into 60 recipes each of Thai snacks, rice accompanying dishes, and desserts making up to 180 recipes from 7 authors. 2. Experiments of each recipe of whish 15 Thai food experts were asked to perform sensory testing. The result was statistically analyzed to find one best recipe for each. 20 recipes each of snack, rice accompanying dishes and desserts were chosen. 3. Standardized units were used in making the 60 recipes. 4. Each recipe was experimented twice and 12 Thai food experts were asked to make sensory testing. The results were statistically analyzed using One Way Analysis of Variance. Results of the 60 recipes were not significantly different at 0.05 value.