Study on diseases of job's tears in Thailand  [1988]

Somkiat Titatarn Diloke Andralee-sanggard Anchalee Chiangkul (Department of Agriculture. Field Crop Diseases Group)

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In October 1981, Job's tears was found infected with a smut disease in Phayao Province. The disease was widespread and caused considerable damage. Symptoms occurred on both the inflorescence and the leaves. The sori are brown-black and contain a spore mass. The optimum temperature for the germination was 30 degree celsius. The spore germination characteristics of the fungus fit the description of Ustilago coicis Bref. The mode of transmission of the disease has been studied. It has been observed that the principal source of infecton in this smut of the seed-borne spores. It found that if the infected seed were soaked for 12 hrs. in water beginning with temperature of 60 degree celsius or 70 degree celsius and let the temperature drop to room conditions, the percent infection would be 2.10 and 1.35 respectively. The control groups showed over 87 percent infection. In 1982, Job's tears was found infected with a rust fungus in Chiang Rai province. Symptoms first appeared on the leaves senesce, dark brown teliospores were produced. The pathogen was a fungus identified as Puccinia operta. In November 1983, Job's tears were found infected with tar spot disease in the vicinity Dong Ma Da village in Chiang Rai province. The characteristic symptom of tar spot is the presence of roughly circular raised black bodies (fungal stromata) about 1.5 mm in dia. The tar spots often occur in lines between the veins. The causal organism was a fungus identified as phyllachora c
oicis P. Henn. In October 1986,Job's tears was found infected with leaf spot in Loei Field Crops Experiment Station in Loei province.Symptoms started with the appearance of tiny yellow spot on the leaves and sheaths. The colour of lesion will gradually change to grey and brown. Finally the spot will turn dark brown. The pathogen was a fungus identified as Curvularia coicis.

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