The effect of pistachio nuts on blood cholesterol level  [2006]

Kalkancı D, N., Pistachio Research Institute, Gaziantep (Turkey) Bağcı, C., Gaziantep Univ., Faculty of Medicine, Gaziantep (Turkey). Div. of Physiology Yaman, A., Pistachio Research Institute, Gaziantep (Turkey) Tarakçıoğlu, M., Gaziantep Univ., Faculty of Medicine, Gaziantep (Turkey). Div. of Biochemistry et al. General Directorate of Agricultural Research, Ankara (Turkey) [Corporate Author]

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Cardiovascular disease largely seen in ours country due to high cholesterol content of diet. There are several studies to lowering heart disease risk and also investigating new alternative approach on that subject. This study was aimed to determined the effect of pistachio nut on serum cholesterol levels, heart as red blood cell membrane fragility on haematological parameters at hipercholeteromied rats and to informed pistachio nut consumers and increase the pistachio nut consumption. For each rat, 25 grams fed per day was prepared for six dozes. Six group total 72 rats were fed for 10 weeks. Rats blood pressure, pulse beat, blood cells were measured. Total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglyceride and TC/HDL ratio were calculated. The effect of diet rich in pistachio nuts and cholesterol was not significant on total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides level. HDL levels were increased up to % 24 significantly. TC/HDL ratio was not decreased. Decreasing in HDL level was an important point and could be suggested to our people for consumer about common healthy. Overeat pistachio was not advantageous about health. Thus avoid overeat pistachio obstruct for (fat consume, and large amount of calories) and in order to protect from cardiovascular disease 30-40 grams pistachios per day consume may be usefully.

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