Determination of zabrus species [Zabrus spp. (Coleoptera: Carabidae)] and their densities inwheat growing areas in Konya province of Turkey  [2007]

Obalı, B., Selçuk University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Konya (Turkey) Selçuk Univ., Faculty of Agriculture, Konya (Turkey) [Corporate Author]

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In the end of this study carried out in wheat groving areas of Konya province, five Zabrus species were determined . One of them was identified only genus level. They were Zabrus (Pelor) politus Gauth., Zabrus (Pelor) rotundicollis Mén., Zabrus (Pelor) rugulosus Kz., Zabrus (Pelor) sp. and Zabrus (Pelor) spinipes Fabr.. Two of them, Zabrus (Pelor) rotundicollis Mén. and Zabrus (Pelor) rugulosus Kz. were first record for Konya province. While the most abundant species was Zabrus (Pelor) politus Gauth with the rate of 55%, Zabrus (Pelor) rotundicollis Mén.was followed it with 30%.

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