Development of apple variety breeding for scab resistance  [2011]

Emel KAÇAL Fatma AKINCI YILDIRIM Eğirdir Bahçe Kültürleri Araştırma Enstitüsü [Corporate Author]

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Apple scab is a fungal disease caused by Venturia inaequalis. It causes great economic losses in the world apple production. Losses are caused by fruit infections affecting the yield and fruit quality. Damage severity varies significantly according to the sensitivities of variety and climatic conditions in the spring. The growers to prevent losses caused by disease, chemical (fungicide) applications increase, the researchers are also efforts to reduce it. Resistance breeding in order to reduce chemical use comes at the beginning of the studies. Many studies to improve of apple scab resistant varieties in many counties all over the world, mostly the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia, had been started. In the results of these works, many varieties which are resistant or tolerant (For example, Florina, Modi, Topaz, Rajka, William’s Pride) were obtained and released. In addition, the 8 race of disease and 16 resistant genes to apple scab were found.

Other subjects

  • Dayanıklılık
  • Fungusit
  • Malus x domestica
  • Venturia inaequalis

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" Development of apple variety breeding for scab resistance "

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