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Sensory and Chemical Qualities of Marinated African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus, B., 1822) Preserved in Oil and Tomato Sauce  [2018]

Kaya, Gülderen Kurt Baştürk, Özden

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In this study the sensory criteria and chemical analysis of catfish marinades in tomato sauce and oil was investigated. After the marination process catfish fillets were packed in airproof plastic containers; one being plain (Group A: sun flower oil) and the other being sauced (Group B: sunflower oil and tomato sauce). Then, they were stored in +4 °C for 200 days. During storage, sensory and chemical analyses were carried out. As a result of 200 days of storage, TVB-N analysis results 15.82/16.29 mg/100g, TBA 4.94/4.81 mg MA/kg, the number of peroxide value 3.57/3.40 meq/kg, pH were 4.35/4.36 in sample marinates packaged as plain and sauced respectively. At the end of storage it was determined that African catfish marinates packaged as plain (Group A) and sauced (Group B) can be stored in +4 °C for 200 days and maintained the chemical quality criteria. The shelf life of marinated catfish was found to be 110 days for Group A, 80 days for Group B according to the results of sensory assessments.

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Mediterranean Fisheries and Aquaculture Research