An alternate view on processes of metabolism and research into its parameters in hematothermal species  [2013]

Maksin, V. Standritchuk, O.

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The article deals with, in-depth study of precise digital values of boundary and average physical and chemical parameters of substance and processes of metabolism the hematothermal kinds. The phenomenon of their mutual cohesion and precise correlation with fundamental physical and chemical constants has been found. The alternate approach includes the admission of the specific role carbon monoxide and microelements of Fe-subgroup — palladium and iridium (in metabolism). In particular, the indispensable optimum energy balance can be provided only with glucose burning in a cell to carbon monoxide, instead of carbon dioxide. As the soft antioxidant CO, through before oxidation in to СО2, which finishes only on going of lungs, binds free radicals into harmless compounds counteracting their bifurcation.

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Biological Resources and Nature Management