Efficiency of different forms and application ways of microfertilizers under crops cultivation  [2014]

Loginova, I.; Bilyera, N.

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The data on the influence of different forms of microfertilizers (inorganic salts, chelates, nano Zn) and ways of their application (soil and foliar application) to corn and spring wheat are showed. It was studied, that chelats are better on meadow-chernozemic calcareous soil if compared to inorganic salts. Both ways of application are effective. Nano Zn performed was more effective than the other microfertilizers, but further experiments are necessary for its recommendation.

Other subjects

  • inorganic salts
  • nano Zn
  • corn
  • chelates
  • Kemira
  • spring wheat
  • Microfertilizers

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